NEW generation of nicotine pouches.

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Jump on a stream and start your journey. Where good things flow effortlessly and naturally. Let the STRÖM flavours engage your senses and take you on a never-ending adventure. Because it’s not about where the stream will take you, it’s about enjoying the journey.
The timeless journey.

Enjoy the long-lasting flavour experience!

STRÖM offers an extended taste and flavour delivery. The unique formula with a combination of liquid and powder-encapsulated flavours provides a controlled nicotine release and long-lasting flavour experience.


Fresh Mint

Strong fresh peppermint flavour with herbal notes. Medium cooling with long-lasting flavour sensation.

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Minty Orange

Cooling freshness from mint combined with juiciness of bitter-sweet orange flavour, with notes of orange peel.

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Juicy Berry

Initial juicy and citrus freshness combined with melon fruitiness and sweetness, followed by a fresh and fruity berry taste.

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Our plastic cans are 100% plant-based

With our innovative pack, STRÖM leads the way in switching the category towards naturalness & sustainability. Our 100% plant-based plastic can is created with pine-tree oil extracted from leftover materials from the pine tree (ISCC PLUS certified).