A natural tasting alternative with a superb taste

A new generation of modern whites pouches has commenced, where we are presenting STRÖM to those who value maturity, evolution and are looking for something really differentiating.

STRÖM is now available in around 1200 point of sales across Sweden and adding new ones each day, so all of you can now enjoy the STRÖM experience.

STRÖM represents the new generation of modern whites nicotine pouches and is available in a variety of 3 different natural tasting flavors. In addition to the excellent product quality, it also provides a long-lasting release of nicotine. We are inspired by our Scandinavian heritage to provide a product that celebrates uniqueness both in function and cause.

Also contributing to the uniqueness of STRÖM is its 100% plant-based plastic can, leading the way in switching the category to contribute to sustainability.

As part of STRÖM’s initial launch we are presenting three carefully selected flavors: Minty Orange delivering a cooling freshness from mint combined with juiciness of bitter-sweet orange flavor, Fresh Mint providing fresh peppermint flavour with herbal notes, and finally Juicy Berry supporting a fresh and fruity berry taste.

STRÖM is the perfect choice for those who are seeking natural tasting alternatives with a superb taste.